One of the techniques we use to help people feel better is to ask them to write, for three main reasons:

  1. Because it is therapeutic. Many people find if hard to look inside themselves to see what’s going on or to open up and talk about it with someone else. In those cases, channeling out through writing is a good remedy because we pour things one at a time, which means a certain kind of organization, first step to abandon the chaos. Order implies clarity and a better understanding of our worries.
  2. Because it is physical. Although we may think that writing comes from the mind, which is true, it goes through the body because we use our hand and a pen. The physical act of transforming thoughts into words with the aid of our arm and hand quiets the mental noise.
  3. Because it is creative. Even the worst of texts is an artistic creation, it is something which has been acted upon, designed and elaborated as a little artistic piece, even if this was not an objective. When writing not only do we decide about the content, we also give it form, and that is where creativity lies. The result is never as it would have been on our minds or in speech. The act of writing is slower and more reflexive, distinguishing it from common conversation, and that is creative.

If you have something on your mind that does not make sense and do not want to or cannot share it with anyone, try to write about it. It will surely help!